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The Systems Maintenance Technician designation is for everyone who maintains the major systems in building management. This designation covers such areas as electrical plumbing and heating and refrigeration systems. A trained SMT possesses a greater depth of knowledge of all required systems needed in the commercial real estate industry.  The SMT program helps all candidates increase the operating effectiveness of their buildings thereby increasing value to your organization and/or employer. The educational program offers instruction in the most recent technologies and current trends in the maintenance field, including how to manage environmentally sound and cost-effective building systems. This designation is of high value to anyone who has a direct responsibility for major building systems and wants to create distinction in their commercial real estate career.


There are no prerequisites to obtain this designation.

The SMT program is very straightforward. The designation is awarded after the completion of 5 courses provided by BOMI International, or alternatively, by BOMI Canada. A minimum score of 70% must be achieved on each course.

SMT 150x

Selective programs completed in the past may be eligible to receive credit for one or more courses. The required courses are as follows:

1.    Air Handling, Water Treatment & Plumbing systems
2.    Boilers, Heating Systems & Applied Mathematics
3.    Electrical Systems & Illumination
4.    Energy Management & Controls
5.    Refrigeration Systems & Accessories

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Maintaining Requirements
Designation holders must remain in good standing with BOMI International or BOMI Canada. There are no further maintenance requirements to hold this designation.

Other Information
Please examine the SMT Competency Chart carefully as selected college programs are eligible for transfer credits.

Don’t forget to increase your exposure after obtaining the SMT designation by listing on BOMI International’s Active Graduate Directory.