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Projects are universal in all industries and businesses, and project management is one of the key processes in organizations across the world. The CAPM designation is the premiere entry-level certification for all individuals that wish to demonstrate their project management knowledge. The CAPM is designed to develop those with little or no project management experience, and can assist those looking to begin a career as a professional project manager.  This certification can also assist those looking for a career step by demonstrating that the practitioner is eager to earn additional responsibility in managing larger projects within their organization.


Salary Increase
Salary increases of candidates will vary depending on the job role, industry, and experience. Studies suggest that an average candidate with 1 year of experience will earn a salary of approximately $45,600. This salary will increase to an average of 77,900 with 10 years or more experience after certification. Average salaries may differ by industry. Information technology is one of the top paying industries for project managers with CAPM salaries of over $100,000 and growing.
The CAPM is also useful for demonstrating to employers that the certification holder is capable of handling larger and more complicated projects. This can open doors for advancement within an organization with more senior roles, such as general management positions.


Prerequisites CAPM highschool
Candidates must have a minimum of a high school diploma or equivalent before beginning the certification process.


The CAPM is composed of a self-study,  comprehensive multiple-choice examination. Before writing the examination, candidates must complete 1 of 2 tracks:

CAPM Path Certified Associate in Project Management
1.    Complete at least 1,500 hours of applicable project management experience. Completed experience may be subject to audit and review by PMI.

2.    Complete 23 hours of formal project management education through a valid provider.

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Maintaining Requirements
Once certified, the CAPM is valid for a period of 5 years. Before the end of this 5 year period the examination must be retaken to become recertified. The 5 year period begins on the day you passed the examination originally.


Other Information
Professional experience – 1,500 hours of professional experience are required under track 1. The report for professional experience must include each project individually and the numbers of hours applied to the five project management process groups as defined under PMI.

The education requirements can be completed through PMI Registered Education Providers, PMI Chapters, Employer sponsored programs, certain distance-learning companies, and University academic programs.

After filing an application with PMI, each candidate has 1 year in which to write the exam. The exam can be taken up to 3 times during this 1 year period.